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Pictures above are courtesy of Jim Small,
pictured with his father in photo on left
Ferrel Lytle - 1945
Wm. J. Engel Standard Svc.
Al Menz Meat Market
New Post Office
opened February 1, 1962
Essig Motor Company - 501 Walnut Street
Essig Motor Company - Washington Road
Fred Faubel & Sons
Caldwell & Smith Motor Sales
Weaver's Trucking

Steak 'n Shake Pocket Menu
John & Lena Brunnenmeyer
Brunnenmeyer's Grocery Store
Chet, Lena & ? Brunnenmeyer
Minnehaha Restaurant - Owned and operated by Minnie Nutty
Behind counter: Minnie & Frank Nutty.
Seated at counter:  butcher Gordon from Brunnenmeyer's grocery & unknown customer.
Standing behind the table: Addie Helmuth.
Seated at table: Violet Nutty Noecker, and  Wilbur Habben.
Picture contributed by Jim Nutty
Left to right -- Martha Jackson, Don Holtzman, Lois Samsson, Clyde Nutty, Martha Baer, Ron Marshall, Lyn Doremus and Mariam Grimm.
121 N. Main Street
Jim Nutty's Great Grandfather, George Weppler, owned all of these buildings plus a large home to the North which he built in the early 1900's. He operated the saloon and Jim's Grandfather, Fred Muller, and Grandmother, Elizabeth Muller, operated the hotel and restaurant. Jim's Mother was born in the bedroom upstairs on the right. He believes that at sometime there was a fire which partially destroyed the top part of the building on the right. Interesting is the sign out front stating a hotel rate of $1.00 per day. The second picture is how this looks today.
Dykstra's Jewelry
Widmer Carpet Factory
West end of Eldridge Street
Danforth Banking Co.
Herbst Hardware
Ornamental Iron Works
Martha's Cafe
The Doll Shop & Hospital
Washington Rexall Drugs
Martin's Barber Shop
Smelz Lumber Co.
Strubhar & Sons
Snak Shop
Washington C0-OP
Western Auto Assoc.
Meyer Motor Company
Studebaker - Packard

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