Washington Canning Factory History

Thanks to Reinhold and Lucie Pabel for sharing his story and pictures

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Taken in Chicago when
'ENEMIES are Human' came out
History of the
Canning Factory

including POW story
Reinhold Pabel
taken in Hamburg, Germany
Reinhold Pabel
with Mother & Sister Franziska
A visit home during the war
For the complete story,
read Reinhold Pabel's book
which is out of print, but can
be found online or in second
hand book stores.
Reinhold with wife Avis and
son Christopher, born 1952
Shop window of their
'Chicago Book Mart'
Reinhold Pabel
at his store in Hamburg
with his daughters
Evelyn in background and
Lucie holding books
Collier's Magazine Article
May 16, 1953
Reinhold Pabel in 1941
about the time he was drafted
Early days
Building the
Dickinson Canning Factory
Cannery - 1911
After fire destroyed the
warehouse on
May 10, 1964

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